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"Two Sessions" Promotion | NHI Holds In-depth Study——Lecture on Implementing the Spirit of the 2024 National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conferenc


In order to comprehensively and deeply study, promote and implement the spirit of the 2024 National "Two Sessions", and guide the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of enterprises, on March 14, 2024, the Party Committee of Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. (NHI)  invited Professor Wang Xingwei, Director of the Economics Teaching and Research Department of the Liaoning Provincial Party School, to conduct a lecture on the spirit of the National "Two Sessions" in enterprises. More than 240 people, including the company's party committee members, middle management cadres, section staff, professional chief engineer, great craftsman, model worker, and grass-roots party workers, attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by Wang Hongwei, the Secretary of the Company's Party Committee.

Professor Wang Xingwei gave special guidance on the basic situation of the 2024 National "Two Sessions" and the new signals released by the government work report, with the topic of "Learning the Spirit of the National Two Sessions and Consolidating Practical Efforts and Advancing Strength". He comprehensively introduced the important significance and profound connotations of the spirit of the National Two Sessions, elaborated on the methodology of developing new quality productive forces, the dialectics of promoting high-quality development, and the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship, interpreted the government work report, and analyzed the overall requirements and policy orientation of economic and social development in 2024.

At the meeting, Wang Hongwei emphasized that all units should combine reality and carry out in-depth learning of the spirit of the 2024 National "Two Sessions", and put forward three suggestions. One is to improve political standing, and all units should grasp the correct direction and fully recognize the important significance of learning, promoting, and implementing the spirit of the National "Two Sessions". Secondly, we need to strengthen learning and publicity, effectively carry out the study, and implementation of the spirit of the National "Two Sessions", and achieve true learning, understanding, trust, and application. In the process of learning and publicity, we must have a deep understanding, avoid going through formalities, and strive for practical results. The third is to closely integrate with reality and promote the implementation of work. The company's 2024 business development goals and work arrangements are highly in line with the spirit of the National "Two Sessions". Each unit should combine the spirit of the National "Two Sessions" with actual work, identify the entry points and focus points, and further promote various work in accordance with the standards of "deep, practical, detailed, accurate, and effective" and the overall requirements of "change, action, and practicality".

NHI will continue to strengthen learning and publicity, understand, comprehend, and practice the spirit of the National "Two Sessions", build a new talent team, make good use of new production tools such as intelligent manufacturing and big data, continuously innovate new products, improve core competitiveness, contribute to achieving high-quality development of the enterprise, and contribute to supporting the three-year action of Liaoning's comprehensive revitalization, new breakthroughs, and winning the Liaoshen Campaign in the new era.